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Wendy returns to the theatre with Machine Quilting I as Pam continues a touch of respite and redirection. It’s great to have her back. MQI is indeed our longest-running presentation! Pam will be here in June for a two-part Sew- Together bag offering. Then she will return in the Fall with MQI & MQ Plus. Remember, we love customizing classes that will fit your special needs. We really do encourage you to request classes that we might have missed scheduling or that you missed because of our scheduling at a time conflicting with your calendar. Just call and discuss with Lou or any of our JLC staff.Cathy is offering classes for a great table runner using Moda’s Cupcakes or other 5” charm squares and a great Layer Cake (10” squares) scrappy quilt using Moda’s Cake Mix recipe. Cathy created yet another rendering than the 5 offered on Cake Mix #6. We really like it and think you will too! She Encores Multiple Choice Placemats – which we love, she will be presenting a class using Marti Michell’s Kaleidoscope ruler…and, she is always open to custom classes!Gail has her Fractured Landscape class at the beginning of this term. You’ll want to get on board because that will be the only class she offers until Fall! It’s always amazing to see the wonderful creations that come out of her classes.  Judy Burks has been working diligently on our 2018 Row By Row Experience row design. We really enjoy Row x Row, and look forward to tons of fun as a participating shop this year! RxR runs from June 21 - September 8 this year. The theme is Sew Musical…right up our “theatre alley.” We hope you like our license plate…and of course, our row.This is a Quilts in the Garden year as well! There will be exhibits in six beautiful gardens in Corvallis on July 21, 2018 from 10:00am to 4:00pm. This is always a wonderful experience! We encourage you to gift yourself! Tickets will be available July 1 and we will have them at JLC for sale. Come pick up your tickets here!! $10 admission includes entrance to tour and park-and-ride shuttle buses between all gardens.JLC will have a booth in the Oregon Coastal Quilters show in August. It runs Friday & Saturday, August 3rd and 4th. This is always a very impressive exhibit of wonderful quilts – incredible talent!  There are some great new patterns, and always new fabrics coming in all the time. With our sampler extraordinaire seemingly never sleeping, we have wonderful samples all through the shop to provide inspiration. We love to see how you interpret patterns. DO bring your works in to share with us. We adore Show & Tell…AND with our ongoing UFO Challenge (you can sign up any time & we’ll just keep going into next year! We’ll note your card so we know you’ve missed some previously called #’s) it’s great to have you bring in your completed pieces to share! We are so proud of all our participants have accomplished! You’ve done remarkable works!  The Great Philomath Quilters’ Escape will be available again soon. It will accommodate up to 6 persons comfortably for a sewing escape of your chosen duration. Call us for more information.We look forward to being of service to you as you discover new beginnings and happy endings with completed projects! Lou, directors and crew
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